Bye Buenos Aires

Today it’s my last day in Buenos Aires! I can be short, it’s a very big city with lots of chicas! Maybe it’s because of the summer that there are many chicas around, who knows! But there is also many things to see and to do. I’ve been to a few neighborhoods like la boca, san telmo, micro centre, old&new palermo, recoleta and everywhere you go you’ll see restaurants at the corner of the streets! Maybe it’s typically Spanish speaking country who has this.

Also It’s not the cleanest city I’ve seen and it has some dark alleys, but it does feel save walking around by yourself, even at midnight. The reason could be that there is lots of people wandering around all the time. As well I haven’t seen any police car with siren passing by. The most impressive thing I’ve seen is the cemetery where Eva Peron (evita) is burried. The cemetery looks like a small neighborhood with so many graves! Some of them are very beautiful.

At night the city is alive, people sitting outside and/or having a diner at every corner of the street. Also the nightlife just starts between 2 and 3.AM! It can go on until 6/7.AM! Even it was 30 degrees in the afternoon, at night it still comfortable to walk with shorts and t-shirts. Strangely enough the city is kinda windy, could make it a little bit more chill. Tomorrow I’ll be flying to the south of Argentina and prepare myself for the cold!

Things I’ve done: ate a rabbit at a Thai restaurant, walked the most in the city, chilled at many parks, watched some kapuera comedian guys and of course drink some beers!


  1. Harm says:

    Go for it To! I enjoyed reading ya Blog! Great adventure…. :-D

  2. Hadjee says:

    Nice patrick klinkt erg goed!!

  3. Lisette says:

    Heeey Jacky!! Klinkt goed zeg! Chica’s, veel eten en mooi weer, kan niet beter!!

    Veel plezier nog!!xxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Maurits says:

    Yooo toooo!! Sounds great mate!! Have fun and have a few beers for me!! Ciao

  5. Bert-Jan says:

    Yo to!

    Klinkt allemaal goed kerel!
    Geniet ervan en veel plezier in de kou….. :D


  6. Wimpie K says:

    Just read your story and sounds freaking awesome! Not a thing I should do, but awesome nonetheless ;)

    Stay sharp!

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