Madrid, Spain and Strike

After a very nice ‘sinterklaasavond’ at Haje’s place, had a 10 course diner and lovely presents, I was ready to leave the netherlands! At 11 o’clock I heard some news about a striking in Madrid. I thought it was nothing serious :) ! The flight was not cancelled, no big deal! So I slept for 2 hours and had to be in the car at 5am. Maurits picked me up, so far so good! Big thanks for that!! There was a long queue for check-in and after some time I’ve managed to get through customs! So the plane was initially leaving at 8am, but it was changed to something at 10am! So around 9.30 we were able to board the plane. My seat was at the back of the plane with two free seats next to me! And just 5 minutes before we go, the captain received a last call to not to go in the air… I embarked the plane and waited for an hour. Then an attendance told us that all the flights to and from madrid were cancelled! Woohoo! Finally some real facts! They told us that our flights were booked for the next day and that you need to go outside to the ticket office and change your ticket. Ofcourse too many people were there trying to achieve the same thing as me, trying to get out of here :) ! Meanwhile I met two girls who were also trying to backpack in South America! And after a while they told us to call our travel agent to re-book our flights. It was already 2pm and my travel agent finally had an option to fly out on Monday! Happy as I am said that was good and I could jump out of the queue and go ‘home’! So I called Leander who lives in Amsterdam and asked him if I could stay at his place for 2 nights,no problems at all! Lucky me! So hopefully I can begin my trip tomorrow and we’ll see what happens next! Adíos!


  1. linda says:

    Jacky!! Waar is de nederlandse versie voor de mensen die niet zo gevorderd zijn in Engels :P

    1. Jacky says:

      Haha tis goed voor je!kan je alvast inkomen!maar het is prima hier,30 graden,slippers aan en gaan met de banaan!sneeuwt het nog een beetje daar?!xx

  2. Hadjee says:

    Time for an update!!

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